Carole Gordon
Equestrian Watercolors

I regretfully say that I will not be doing any of the spring shows in 2015, and
I will truely miss seeing all of my art freinds.
As with all of you struggling through the economy these past few years, I have decided to put my work in galleries and take my work in a different direction for awhile.
I ask for all of the followers of my work, go out and support your local artists. Most of you that go to art shows, do not realize the expence that artists spend to bring their art to theses shows. Booth rent, hotel expence, gas... believe me, if artists were in this business just for the money, we would have quit a long time ago!

We are artists, we do what we do because that is who we are. If no one were there to buy our art, we would still do it.

I will always paint, and I know this last year, the little work that I have been able to finish, has not been up to my expetations.

hopefuully, this next year, things will be better, my art will be better....and I can return this fall to the shows and a better economy.
















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